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Racial Justice and Mindfulness: Cultivating Community- and Self-Care when there is SO MUCH WORK TO DO

This program is forming and developing in the context of the pain and challenges, as well as the momentum and passion, experienced in our work as racial justice activists, advocates, and practitioners.

Mindfulness and meditation practices, when offered in a culturally- and contextually-relevant manner, are one technique that can help us sustain energy, engagement, and effectiveness in our work, in the racial justice movement and in our lives. These practices can expand our awareness of self and others, increase and sustain our energy and vitality, and support personal and collective transformation.

I will be offering a 6-week mindfulness-based class for racial justice activists, advocates, and practitioners with an aim of creating a safe space for connecting in and bringing awareness to our own experiences- our feelings, thoughts, reactions-  while intentionally attempting to put aside our tendencies to elevate some aspects of our experiences and to reject other aspects. This is an invitation to try and let our experience “be what it is,” in a space of support, safety, and community.

The intention of this class is to try and not “lecture” one another on how to cope or how to be. It is an invitation to be with our own reactions in the present moment, and share, to the extent each of us feels safe, our own reactions and truths. It is also an opportunity to work together toward infusing mindfulness and meditative practices into our daily lives. Through this process, the hope is that we can gain deeper understanding of our needs for and sources of renewal and vitality, as well as gain greater awareness and understanding of those around us, including how we may be affecting one another.

Date: July 12th-August 23, Sundays 6pm-8pm

Location: TBD

Please email me at for more information and if you are interested in attending. Thank you!

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