A Bit About Me

I have had the honor of working with individuals and groups over the last 15+ years in their journeys of self-discovery, healing, renewal, and growth; journeys which, at times, have emerged out of periods of life crises, emotional upheaval, and conflict. As a Counseling Psychologist and as a social justice advocate, I offer psychotherapeutic and mindfulness-based interventions to individuals and groups affected by a wide range of challenges, transitions, and triumphs.

Some areas of special interest..

❖ Stress Reactions/Anxiety ❖ Career Concerns and Existential Challenges ❖ Supporting Helping/Healing/Advocacy professionals ❖ Dating and Relationship Building ❖ Relationship Loss and Divorce ❖ College Transitions ❖ Depression/ Mood Disorders ❖ Coping with Medical Illness/Condition (one’s own or a loved one’s) ❖ Affirmative Psychotherapy for LGBTQ Individuals

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My work and interest in consultation and coaching

My work also involves working with organizations and companies, especially working with leaders and social innovators, who seek to create inclusive, diverse, innovative workplaces and change.

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 My office is conveniently located in midtown Madison near the UW Campus (westside). Please call 608.622.0376 to schedule a consultation appointment or to inquire about services.

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