Mindful Leadership 6-Week Class


Course Description: Learn how mindfulness concepts and practices can help us cultivate our natural abilities to lead with excellence. This course provides a deep exploration of mindfulness practices aimed at cultivating our awareness, focus, authenticity and compassion – qualities that enhance our ability as leaders to create safe and trusting environments. Participants will explore how to apply these qualities to enhance their professional and personal lives, including creating more diverse, inclusive, and equitable environments.

Course participants will learn:

  • How some of the world’s most successful companies are implementing mindfulness practices for their employees.
  • How to apply mindfulness practices that help strengthen relationships at work and outside of work.
  • How to apply mindful practices that can decrease stress, increase focus, and support well-being at work and at home.
  • How to apply mindfulness practices that enhance diversity, inclusion, and equity in the workplace.
  • Participants can earn continuing education and graduate credit for this course.


I work collaboratively with leaders to highlight and increase awareness and cultivation of their natural abilities and skills to lead with excellence toward building thriving and trusting teams and organizational culture. Additionally, we work to build skills and processes to address stressors and circumstances, including conflict and change, that may be negatively impacting effectiveness, engagement, and over wellbeing.

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