Mindful Leadership Workshop


Inherent to the role, leaders influence and impact the lives of individuals and systems. Leaders can be found throughout various levels and sections of an organization, from influencing a handful of people to influencing a whole organization and community. Leadership involves a great amount of responsibly, service, and commitment which can be incredibly fulfilling and empowering, while also can be quite taxing and overwhelming. Mindful leadership concepts and applied skills and practices have emerged as a way to support leaders’ well-being, sustainability, and effectiveness in their work and personal lives. This training is an introduction to the application of mindful leadership, especially for leaders who seek to create and support sustainable and thriving organizations that aim to increase and embody diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

Benefits of Mindfulness Training at Work:


  • Mental focus and concentration
  • Time management
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Conflict management
  • Team effectiveness
  • Innovation and inspiration
  • Ability to anticipate and serve clients/consumers needs
  • Productivity


  • Identify factors and characteristics that make up a good leader especially in the context of an organization that seeks to promote and support diversity and inclusion in their workforce
  • Describe ways mindfulness practices support and cultivate excellence in leadership, and how these practices can help support goals of enhancing diversity, inclusivity, and equity in the workplace.
  • Describe some key fundamentals of mindful leadership and be able to apply these concepts to your own work role and organization.
  • Describe mindfulness practices and ways these practices might support your well-being at work and at home.


I work collaboratively with leaders to highlight and increase awareness and cultivation of their natural abilities and skills to lead with excellence toward building thriving and trusting teams and organizational culture. Additionally, we work to build skills and processes to address stressors and circumstances, including conflict and change, that may be negatively impacting effectiveness, engagement, and over wellbeing.

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