Clinical Services

 Stacked RocksPsychotherapy. I offer brief individual and group psychotherapy, working with people navigating a range life transitions and challenges. I work compassionately and collaboratively with clients to explore, discover and overcome aspects of their lives that keep them from recognizing and meeting their full potential. This work also involves recognizing and emphasizing clients’ strengths, resilience, and assets they already embody.

Depending on clients’ circumstances,  goals, and resources, work in therapy may be focused and short-term, assisting with coping challenges and stress from current life stressors/challenges/crises.

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Career Counseling and Coaching. I assist and support individuals, leaders, and groups in their journeys of self-discovery, meaning-making, change-making, and connection in the world of work and in their lives as a whole. I also work with people who have experienced work-related hardships and challenges, often outside of their control. Together, we create conditions for self-actualization, increased sense of empowerment, self-discovery, and work to access internal and external resources for engaging in meaningful and fulfilling life work, whatever form it might take.

armchair-book-books-photoMindfulness. As a mindfulness teacher with training in the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) curriculum, as well as other mindfulness and meditation practices, I offer culturally- and contextually-relevant mindfulness-based group and individual instruction. Mindfulness practices can expand our awareness of self and others, increase and sustain our energy and vitality, and support personal and collective transformation.  Other benefits include: ❖ Improved immune system functioning ❖ Enhanced quality of relationships ❖ Improved concentration ❖ Greater self-compassion and self-acceptance ❖ Improved stress management ❖ Better quality of sleep ❖ Reduction in depression and anxiey

*I also offer mindfulness trainings and courses through my consultation business. Visit Lisa Baker Consulting for more information on those offering.

Also, for information my Leadership Consultation and Coaching Program and organization trainings and retreat, visit Lisa Baker Consulting

My office is conveniently located in midtown Madison near the UW Campus (westside). Please call 608.622.0376 to schedule a consultation appointment or to inquire about services.