The Art of Empathy Without Burnout

Workshop Description:

Empathy is a skill that connects us to others and involves our sensing of others’ feeling and perspectives. Empathy has many benefits in the world of work, including helping us successfully navigate conflict and other difficult interactions. Empathy can have its downsides, however, such as when we become overwhelmed from taking in too much of another person’s suffering, as if it is our own. This session will give leaders an understanding of the art and practice of empathy at work and the skills of how to avoid burnout.


I work collaboratively with leaders to highlight and increase awareness and cultivation of their natural abilities and skills to lead with excellence toward building thriving and trusting teams and organizational culture. Additionally, we work to build skills and processes to address stressors and circumstances, including conflict and change, that may be negatively impacting effectiveness, engagement, and over wellbeing.

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